Hi, my name is Andile, a final year Interactive Multimedia Design student at UUJ. This is my blog that I hope to share my interests, Design, Art, Fashion, Music, Technology, Photography and Travel.


Live Project

The client for the live project is Garvan Traynor. Garvan is a jewellery designer from Belfast. The client gave us a brief about the sort of website he would like as a porfolio site. basically he is looking for a clean, contemporary  website that will complement his style of design and also consider his interests like designer furniture, architectural design, Techno/electronic music and LEGO.

Logo Prototype

These are few of my ideas of a logo.

This is the logo recommendation.

This is the colour scheme and fonts for the website.

Website Prototype

Hopefully this is what the client is looking for in a portfolio website. I have used the colour scheme I created and applied it on the design of the site. This is a simple site, its made up  of 2 columns and 3 rows. The left col houses the main body content and the right col main houses the contact information and the links to the site. T the top is the header where you will find the title of the site and at the bottom is the footer.


Garvan Traynor Jewellery

Garvan Traynor established his jewellery business in 2005 specialisng in production of private and corporate commissions, designing unique pieces of jewellery and exhibition artifacts. The jewellery Gavan creates uses various metals and precious stones. His humble beginnings lead him too an apprenticeship with Trudi Van Schriek Goldschmiede then moving to work at Lunns and becoming a senior Goldsmith.

Garvan’s telents has allowed him to create different types of jewellery for any possible occasion. His ability to design and create such unique pieces has lead him to have an impressive reputation in his field, this have given him opportunities to create corporate and film commissions, films such as ‘Your Highness’ by David Gordan Green also Television work ‘Game of Thrones’  HBO TV series 2010-11.

Garvans’ inspiration comes from his love for electronic music and his childhood desire to build things or fix them. Garvan doesn’t spend most of his time on his workstation, on his free time he enjoys cycling this too gives him the opportunity to develop other ideas for his designs. Garvan also runs workshops for those who are interested in jewellery design.    

Week Eleven

My Branding

What is the purpose of branding especially branding your product. Well of cause it’s important why wouldn’t you, surely you want your audience to know what the product is. Basically differentiate your product form others. Providing that uniqueness to you product that others don’t have. I’ll say it again IT’S VITAL THAT WE BRAND OUR PRODUCTS, it’s another way of MARKETING you and your product/brand.

Is there a right way to brand yourself or your product? Certainly there is, you don’t want to f*** yourself up or get lost in this huge and competitive market. You really want to capture your audience mentally and emotionally. Make them feel they need your product in turn they will gain an emotional attachment to it, what ever it may be. It is hard to break into a market that you have never been exposed too or know little about. So before you even think about entering a market, you need to do research and then run a focus group of a mixture of different markets, one that you think is the audience the are targeting and one that is a complete opposite. Then you will get a sense of what the market really wants from your product also give you an opportunity to improve you product/brand in order to appeal to other markets.

You must have some form of idea what your product is all about so when branding it you are conveying the massage clearly. There is nothing worse then a brand that has no meaning or some form of message describing the product that is being marketed.

Some examples of excellent branding:

Apple - I have chosen Apple because it has brilliant characteristics:

  • reliable
  • trust worthy
  • excellent customer service
  • amazing after sales
  • logo
  • advertising

Apple Logo Think Different

Coke - I have chosen the Coke company simply because:

  • charitable organisation
  • good reputation
  • great tasting products
  • inexpensive
  • logo
  • advertising
  • widely available

Coke Ad

Image of one of Coca-Cola ad campaign. Apparently they spent millions for this ad campaign according to Brand Republic magazine and Design Assembly

Branding is not just about the logo or the marketing campaign, it’s about what you as an organisation or person stand for, what are you willing to offer to the market and how you going to maintain your brand to remain at the top.

As a designer I need to consider these important factor when I am designing and developing my brand. At this stage I am going to look at designing the logo, come up with some workable prototypes first and test them on my target audience. Also ask my fellow IMD classmates on their opinion on the logo. They will surely help me with the final design of the project logo.

So far I have come up with a couple of name or phrases as the logo. I have imported these into Adobe Illustrator and applied a different fonts/type faces. These are the results so far:

  • Live Events Belfast -  L.E.B
  • LEB.TV
  • Live Belfast
  • LOUD City
  • Loud Events - Loud.E.TV

I’m currently working on these logo prototypes, I will soon share them with for peoples feedback along with a quick questionnaire, hopefully to help me choose a brand name and refine the brand idea.

This is a video of Ed Sheeran one of the UKs latest musicians, he is know for his ginger hair and his acoustic abilities also featured is Devlin who’s known for his free-styling. Devlin is free-styling over Eds latest hits. Video taken by Baller.TV

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Ed Sheeran & Devlin going bar for bar - YouTube . 2011. Ed Sheeran & Devlin going bar for bar - YouTube . [ONLINE] Available at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GYKFSMmwS6A&feature=related. [Accessed 05 December 2011].

Week Ten

New York, New York

Last week I had an opportunity to travel to New York City. Best city break by a long run, it exceeded my expectations and more. The break started off with a very long ride from JFK in a typical New York Yellow Cab, brilliant!  I must say traffic in NY is awful, a 20 minute ride took at least 2hours and that is not great when you have been flying for 9 hours. Apparently rush hour in NY is from 3pm to 8pm, that is very long, isn’t it?

Well we stayed at a very nice hotel on Park Avenue, 70 to be precise, exactly 3 blocks from the famous Grand Central Station. The staff at the hotel were so welcoming and provided excellent customer. The hotel has a tradition of serving complimentary wines to guess during happy hour - 5 to 7 also a newspaper, tea, coffee and coco in the morning. We too advantage of these complimentary goodies (smiley Face). If you are thinking of visiting NY, check this hotel out.

Grand Central Terminal was one of the first attractions we visited in the city. The building is located on 42nd Street surrounded by high rise office buildings but this does not preclude it’s beauty. Inside, it was filled with a magical atmosphere of locals going about with their business. The exquisite golden chandeliers reflected on the marbled floors and located at the center of foyer was the distinctive train station clock. Underground was a whole other ball game. The atmosphere was completely different, a bit more upbeat, in the distance there were street performers some dancing and some playing music. I enjoyed the subway providing me with an experience I will never forget.


Top of the Rock, perfect weather for it! I could not imagine it on a cold, cloudy or wet day otherwise there would be no point going. At the top we experienced mesmerizing views of the city. The Rockefeller Center building I would describe as a grand 1930s art deco architecture. The ice rink was another attraction I was happy to participate on but this would have been better when the Christmas lights were switch on. Unfortunately we did not get to see the famous Christmas tree, which was first erected in the 30s by New Yorkers during the Great depression. 

"The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is a world-wide symbol of the holidays in New York City. The tree, traditionally a Norway Spruce, is illuminated by 30,000 environmentally friendly LED lights on five miles of wire, and crowned by a Swarovski crystal star."

You cannot go to New York without taking a walk through Central Park, it is a must. Believe it or not it is a whole other world in there, it’s tranquil and kind of romantic if you there with your partner. we didn’t visit the zoo in-fact I hate zoos, I don’t like seeing animals in cages.

Times Square was of cause nice to see, the bright LED billboards, tall buildings and the red steps are the few things a saw. I enjoyed people watching on top of the red steps, Time Square felt like it was the center of civilization, all walks of life was there.

One evening we managed to catch a show on Broadway, Wicked. Basically Wicked is a per-quail of The Wizard of OZ. Its 2 hours of live action with a bit of comedy. I don’t want to say too much in case you plan to see it in the near future.

On the way to Greenwich and Soho, we pasted China and Little Italy. It literally felt like we were in those countries. Both China Town and Little Italy are right next door to each other. All you saw were either Chinese shop signs on one side and Italian restaurants and coffee shops on the other side. Although we were in America, no one really spoke English mainly their ethnic language. I enjoyed being in this part of the city. We were quite adventurous and had lunch an authentic Chinese restaurant which was amazing, after we had a coffee and typical Italian desert at an Italian coffee house.

When we entered Greenwich and Soho although quite different, they possesed a different insight. Greenwich Village is more of an upper middle class residential area, with a bohemian feel making it still quite cool. Soho in the other hand is largely known as the location of artists’ lofts and galleries and also for the variety of shops. Shops ranging from trendy boutiques to international fashion design brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Marc Jacobs, etc. So fellers if you have a huge bank balance, your missus will appreciate you taking her there if not, you will enjoy walking through the cobble streets while window shopping. If shopping isn’t your thing, check Fanelli Cafe, it does amazing burgers and chips and of cause the best Brooklyn in town.

other places visted;

  • Madame Tussauds wax museum  
  • Ground Zero/ World Trade Center
  • Staten Island
  • Apple Store on Fifth Avenue
  • Wall Street
  • NBC Studios
  • Radio City Hall

Overall the trip to New York was totally out of this world, certainly urge you to go, if you haven’t been. It was my first time and it won’t be my last.

Tilt Shift

For those who are not familiar with the term tilt shift, well it is a technique use by photographers that use tilt for selective focus often for simulating a miniature scene. Professional photographers normally use a tilt-shift lens to achieve the tilt effect optically. I’m not a professional and I don’t have a tilt-shift lens so my and you only option is to use software to achieve the effect. There are plenty of tutorials on the internet, that will show you exactly how to produce a miniature scene photograph.

Checkout this simple and easy to follow tutorial. Tilt-Shift Photography Photoshop Tutorial.

These are a few of my tilt-shift examples.

Original Grand St. Soho NYC

Tilt-Shift Grand St. Soho NYC

Original Macy’s NYC

Tilt-Shift Macy’s NYC

NEW YORK - Time Lapse - Tilt Shift - Scales by Fernando Livschitz from Black Sheep Films on Vimeo.

This is a brilliant video of New York called Time Lapse using a favorite technique for photography Tilt Shift. The video was created by Fernando Livschitz of Black Sheep Films. Enjoy!

Hover Box Image Gallery

I tend to use a lot of images in my site and blogs, so it is important to showcase these appropriately and applying some level of design treatment to enhance them. I followed a simple tutorial, that allows a user to hover on an image to reveal a larger image. This tutorial was kindly provided Nathan Smith.

I modified the original CSS to complement my own site/blog. On the background of the thumbnails I applied my own CSS to give it a boarder radius of 5px also on the image as I have applied the same style on all of my images, giving them a contemporary boarder.

Have a look at the my Modified Hover Box Gallery

The 2011 Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting. 2011. The 2011 Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting. [ONLINE] Available at: http://www.rockefellercenter.com/events/2011/11/30/2011-rockefeller-center-christmas-tree-lighting/. [Accessed 26 November 2011].

. 2011. . [ONLINE] Available at: http://peeptvshow.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/broadway-shows-in-san-francisco.jpg. [Accessed 26 November 2011].

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Week Nine

My top 5 apps for designing and project development


Dropbox is a cloud based application which keeps files synchronized among your computers and devices. As a designer Dropbox will be your best friend when you are working on a number of projects. Dropbox is an excellent too if you need to use files in various locations and multiple machines. A huge benefit of Dropbox is that it is free and it provides 2GB of storage which is ample for a number of projects.


This is a native application for the IOS device iPad, it is a brilliant wireframing and mockup app for the web. It gives designers and developers the ability to quickly draft wireframes for their websites and apps. I have only started using this app, I think it is a fast and easy way to put an idea on screen rather on paper but I have to say it will never replace the paper and pencil combo.  The app has amazing features such as

  • support multiple projects
  • intuitive multi-touch interface for time saving
  • encourages feedback
  • easy to share and collaborate
  • dedicated support to ensure users are happy  


Moodboard is the perfect app for creating mood and inspiration boards. It provides you with a blank canvas for organising things that inspires you. You can add photos, text, and colour swatches, that will help you with your design problems or help generate graphical ideas. I haven’t used this app yet but looking forward to creating my next website project with its help.


Gusto is a website editing application, you have the ability to connect to your server and use Gusto as an FTP client. Gusto also allows users to create and edit files from exsisting projects.

CSS3 Generator

CSS3 Generator is a handy web app that lets users create and preview CSS3 effects on their screen. You can choose to create from a range of css tricks from Border Raduis to Gradients. The clever think with this app, it also give you code that you would use on your own stylesheet.

Brand Identity pt.1

The major project has been neglected this is not good! Time is ticking! I took some time this week to brain storm some names to brand the project. At this point you may have an idea what it is but actually naming it is proving difficult. I ave come up with some brand name:

  • Loud City
  • Loud Belfast
  • Loud.E (Loud Events)
  • Live Events
  • Livevent.TV
  • LivEvents Belfast   

I’m still unsure what to name the project, I guess I need to do some more brain storming and come up with some more ideas. Below are a few sketches of the list above, with a diiferent brand approaches.

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Week 8

Favorite Brands pt1

Over the a 7 year period I have developed an obsession on technical and cutting-edge menswear design, particularly outerwear. This excessive obsession has cost me huge amounts. I have purchased these garments because of their individuality and design philosophy, also the unique fabrics used to manufacture them and the fact they will remain collectors items for the years to come. 

Stone Island

Stone Island is a Sportswear Company founded in 1981, since the birth of the brand it has held a reputation of impeccable Italian craftsmanship. The company has heavily invested in research and production of unique technical fabrics. Stone Island ‘s main aim has always been design but  produce an innovative clothing line with specific interest in the functionality of a garment. Functionality is key because there is nothing worse than designing a product that just looks nice, it has to have a use or some form of functionality to it. For example military uniforms or work wear had a purpose, which was to keep you warm or dry and functionality is to protected you to a degree or carry your equipment.

Gionata Malagodi is the current chief designer for Stone Island, Italian born (few kilometers from Stone Island headquarters) Gionata has been one of the two designers working extensively in the studio of Massimo Osti - founder of C.P. Company and Stone Island. Massimo Osti - before starting his Sportswear brands his career began as graphic designer for an advertising firm.

To start designing Stone Island again is a dream, in no other company beside Sportswear Company there is such an aim and endeavour for research and for problem solving design and fabric issues. I am coming back with the deepest respect for the history of the label and for the persons that in these years carried out its extraordinary evolution. Gionata Malagodi

Most people will recognize Stone Island by its compass patch that buttons onto the upper sleeve of the left arm. The original patch was green edged and now have been redesigned with a black edge. There are also rarer white badges, black on black and most recent black mesh (Shadow Range). Originally the white badge was made for certain jackets for the millennium.

My prized possession out of my Stone Island collection is the Ice Jacket.

The fabric of the camouflage/ice jacket bomber jacket features a heat-sensitive coating, which changes colour at low temperatures. The molecules of the micro pigments encapsulated in the external coating change the direction of light and vary in tone depending on temperature. When exposed to cold, the camouflage print will fade away and the jacket will tend to get dark grey. Due to it particularities, this fabric is very sensitive to UV rays. As a result the colour of the jacket may change over time. 





Stone Island | icejacketcamouflage . 2011. Stone Island | icejacketcamouflage . [ONLINE] Available at:http://www.stoneisland.co.uk/archive/icejacketcamouflage/page/icejacketcamouflage/. [Accessed 11 November 2011].

Illustrating Skills

Well, this week I have been brushing up my drawing skills, using Adobe Illustrator. I am no artist but I reckon I have some level of illustration skills and the only way I can improve is buy practice, do as many illustrations as possible. At the moment I’m in a process of designing and developing a Flash based game. The initial step is to produce a story board then graphic. Currently these are the prototype graphics for a Flash game I am hoping to develop for kids. Please comment, let me know what you think. I’m up for any suggestions.


Banana Illustration 

Peeled Banana Illustration

Banana Tree Illustration

Week Seven

Major Project Prep

The web is evolving all the time and there are many techniques out there to be acquired to ensure you develop a fully functional and well designed website. As a designer I strive to produce a site that is not only nice to look at but interactive, that I know it will have an impact on the web. So ensuring I keep up to date with the current technologies is important to me. Earlier on the weeks, I briefly spoke about responsive web design an highlighted some important reason for producing a responsive website. Media queries are the foundation for the website to responsive. Ok this is easier said and done but how will I apply media queries along with JavaScript or Java? This is a new concept to me and will prove to be a challenge, therefore will need to do some research and experiment using these web technologies.

Web tools

As I have mentioned previously I intend to use a wide range of web developing technologies to produce my major project. A little touching up on my behalf is require, I I need to do is take some time to catch up on a few things, like MySQL - handling data bases, etc. While designing the site I will be looking into the following web development tools to ensure I produce a successful product.

Responsive website -  for wider audience/devices and user experience;

  • Fluid design/960 grid system approach
  • HTML5 and CSS3 
  • Media Queries
  • JavaScript and Java
  • PHP, MySQL database

responsive webdesign

API’s and plug-ins - targeting an even wider audience by the use of social media networks;

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Vimeo & Youtube (video embed and upload)
  • Flickr & Instagram (images)

Another important web tool I need to consider is a Content Management System to help me handle content efficiently, especially blogs. I am familiar with WordPress.

So far I have looked into media queries and downloaded some examples that I will experiment with. 

Fluid Width, Media Queries, CSS Content, Pseudo Elements from Chris Coyier on Vimeo.

Media Queries. 2011. Media Queries. [ONLINE] Available at: http://www.w3.org/TR/css3-mediaqueries/#media0. [Accessed 03 November 2011].

Week Six

Market Research

 Researching your market before entering is a sound decision for any business owner, unfortunately it is often overlooked. The results can have a devastating effect such as loss of revenue and a slow start.

What are the benefits of market research;

  • Will help with better communication. As a brand you will learn about your potential clients, who they are and what they want the most or do they require your product/services. 
  • It may help identify other opportunities. Also give you a chance to see whats out there, what competition is there. Are they missing something you can capitalise on? What can you do better than they currently have in the market?
  • It can create a benchmark to help measure progress. Give a clear idea how well you are doing. Maintaining a high standard from the beginning, you will be in a better position for growth and sustain it.

The whole idea of this is to make help me understand the market I will be targeting the final year project, also to find out whats out there that is similar to the website I will be developing.

Research findings

Through an extensive web research I found a few website, particularly blogs that posted reviews, events, entertainment and lifestyle. Many of these were generic but gave me ideas to what to include in my on site also how to design the layout of the site. Unfortunately I did not get much information on who visits and read the blogs. 

I also conducted some field research, where I gathered a number of magazine published in Northern Ireland. These included Go Magazine, Fate Magazine and IN! Magazine. They cover lifestyle, entertainment and fashion. The magazines are available free of charge and distributed to about 20,000 reader. This is a very good way of providing information to the public but it is usually dated. The magazines are printed on a monthly basis although people are getting the information but not early enough.

This is where the website will be beneficial, it will provide the current market with up-to-date information, reviews and announcements efficiently. With the current social media networks it will reach a wider and diverse market effectively. People will be kept up-to-date regularly.

The research will continue further during the weeks to help me with the design and most importantly the content.


Calligraphy is one of my favorite forms of typography. I remember when I was a little younger, lets just say when I was in p1 we were learning how to write and to joining up letters to form words. In one of the books we use was this amazing type of writing which I thought at the time was magical. It looked ancient and only people who lived in castle, who wore barres and drank sherry. Of cause this is not the case. I have always wondered how it was done but never attempted to try it or learn to do calligraphy. Usually calligraphy take years to master, I do respect those who are able to produce calligraphic art. Recently I saw a really inspiring video where a calligraphic artist used four simple house hold items to produce a beautiful calligraphy art piece.

Calligrapher Niels Shoe Meulman, used a razor, paper clip, feather and ink. Out of these items he created a homemade ink pen and produce amazing calligraphy. Watch this video, I bet you will love it as much as I did. Inspirational.

Quilling the ‘Young digging Old’ logo on Bach cello suites.


Quilling the ‘Young digging Old’ logo on Bach cello suites - YouTube . 2011. Quilling the ‘Young digging Old’ logo on Bach cello suites - YouTube . [ONLINE] Available at: http://youtu.be/q9HdkxIfyFE. [Accessed 31 October 2011].

Calligraffiti. 2011. Calligraffiti. [ONLINE] Available at: http://www.calligraffiti.nl/. [Accessed 31 October 2011].

This is the header of calligrapher Niels Shoe Meulman’s website. Let u be the judge, check out the site but before you do so watch this other video. See how Niels work, what he does to produce his calligraffiti. Its cool, the music is very appropriate to the footage, enjoy.

Calligraffiti | DECK CHAIRS for Pluk de Nacht 2011 from Pluk de Nacht on Vimeo.

Calligraffiti | DECK CHAIRS for Pluk de Nacht 2011 on Vimeo. 2011. Calligraffiti | DECK CHAIRS for Pluk de Nacht 2011 on Vimeo. [ONLINE] Available at: http://vimeo.com/27202097. [Accessed 31 October 2011].

Week Five

Major Project Idea

I was reading through my first post the other day on my major project ideas, I have got to admit, none of them is a strong idea. They lack originality, innovation and creativity. So I turned this negativity to an inspiration of a new concept. The concept involves a website and/or mobile application that will cover urban events happening in and around Belfast. What this means, the website/ webapp will be a gateway for entertainment for those who are in the social scene and provide information of gigs, festivals, workshops, etc. around Belfast. The site will integrate social media networks to help market the site, events and gather information or content for the site. The site will be great for many music fans, announcing anything from concerts, intermite gigs to fashion shows and urban art. In a way the site will be like an entertainment magazine, blog or vlog (video blog).

  • users/followers can sign up to receive updates of events.
  • users/followers can post their experiences at an event they attended.

Twitter, Facebook will play a huge role in the success of the website as there are so many people who are using them and can easily form groups/community, share data such as videos, photos and audio. They are very reliable and efficient means of communication.

Other social media networks such as Instagram, TwitPic, TwitVid, Vimeo, YouTube can be introduced to provide the added rich media. They are just as reliable as Facebook and Twitter, the other benefit of these social media networks is that users can form communities quickly, share experiences in real time while they are happening through their mobile devices.

Organisers, event promoters can benefit from site, they can target a wider audience, also increase the number of new customers of all ages or specifically target an audience.

Where do I go from here?

The plan from now is to make a start on the major project because there is not much time left. In running order I will be doing the following;

  1. Market Research
  2. Brand Treatment
  3. Design (Wireframes)
  4. Page Layouts (Wireframes)
  5. Content gathering and organisation
  6. Visual Comps
  7. Functionality and technology
  8. Prototype
  9. Testing and hosting
  10. Constructive feedback
  11. Refinements
  12. Pre-launch
  13. Official Launch

Organisation and manage time management is essential so I will need to come up with a strategy to help me achieve these goals effectively. Tools such as iCal for creating calendar events and to-do-lists. Another great tool is the app iStudiez Pro that will provide me with mobile notifications while I’m on the move when I need to be doing work.

Brain Stormming

Brain storming is an ideal way to quickly generating ideas, some of these may not be used but it is a starting point for any one looking to bring an idea or project to reality, especially seeing it on paper gives you a deeper understanding of the subject. So I have jotted down a few ideas of consideration when designing and developing the website and web-app.

Week Four

The Evolution of Typography

Typography goes back centuries, about 5000 years form ancient Egyptian 3500BC to Roman 114 AD. Over the years it has changed to the letter forms we know now. Scholars say this is linked to the rise and fall of civilizations, different cultures adding their own distinct imprint on the symbols of language.

This image illustrates the different formations of letter heads,  if you look at the Egyptian equivalent of letter A was a figure of an animal. Through the ages we can see where the letterhead A is stem from and how it has evolved.

Here we can see where the modern typeface has evolved from and how it is used in different context. This illustration has given me some level of knowledge into the evolution of typography. 

Typography in Design.

Typography can be very difficult to master when doing any design, whether on print or on the web. Considering the right typeface to ensure your design is complete or to a standard you want to communicate your product to the consumer or user. Typography is another important element to your design, it may emphasis or trigger emotions help people develop a relationship with the product. Say for example on your website you use a big, bold typeface for the intro-text. Automatically I would think of a sales assistant greeting me with a big wide smile and a lot of enthusiasm.  Some typography may have other agendas and purposes like corporate websites may want to communicate seriousness, maturity and sophistication.

In my own site I used two typefaces, one is mainly used for titles and heading. This one is there to show that can be adventurous and fun or easily approachable. The other typeface simply says I can be focused, hard-working and mature about my design work. I am not saying I have mastered the art of typography but I could learn to use it appropriately and make a huge impact with a design. 

I have done some research on typography and how it is used by designers to communicate there work. These are some of my favorite uses of typography.

Typography from Ronnie Bruce on Vimeo.

Typography Portrait by Steve Butabi

Typography Women by Rafael Zoccoler

So So Far Gone by Drakemusic

typographic. 2011. typographic. [ONLINE] Available at: http://www.rsub.com/typographic/. [Accessed 20 October 2011].

The Evolution of Typography | Web Design Ledger. 2011. The Evolution of Typography | Web Design Ledger. [ONLINE] Available at: http://webdesignledger.com/the-evolution-of-typography. [Accessed 21 October 2011].

Typography on Vimeo. 2011. Typography on Vimeo. [ONLINE] Available at: http://vimeo.com/3829682. [Accessed 21 October 2011].

Typographical design should perform optically what the speaker creates through voice and gesture of his thoughts.

El Lizzitsky

Week Three

Rebuilding my site.

It is about time I rebuilt my website strictly using HTML5 and CSS3. This week I experimented with rounded corners and drop-shadow to create an Apple inspired website. I wanted to see how I would utilized my current skills gained from researching and reading about rounded corners and the application of drop-shadow. The benefits of these simple tricks give a site a subtle and contemporary feel, if you want to use minimal colour and expression of white space. I admire white space but I believe it should incorporate some level colour. Initially I designed my logo in mind that it will stand-out on a plain background, especially white or a light shade of grey.

Rounded corners

The rounded corners are a nice feature “I think”, they give my site an informal structure unlike square corners that would out-date the site, giving it an impression that it could be a corporate website. I considered the different web-browsers and applied code. 

Drop Shadow

For some more css magic I applied a drop shadow around the container, this adds depth to the containers. I use the code below to achieve the results.

Final results

 CSS Images

How to float or align an image with CSS?

There are two main approachers to make images position left, center or right. The first method is a simple one, it can be hand coded in HTML:

The other method is done in CSS, assigning a class of parametors to the image element, for example the image that will be floating to the very left, with a margin of 5 pixels around it.



I prefer this method because it allows other elements to wrap arround the image and ensuring the image does not effect other elements within the web page. Hopefully this simple css trick help others who are having trouble with positioning or aligning images.